Job Details
Job Title: Test Pack Coordinator (Construction)
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Pathumwan Distric
Job Description:

- To receive Test Packages for line checking, document reviews and punch listings.
- Distributes test packages to Inspectors and Line Checkers for site confirmation and verification.
- Track test pack preparation, distribution, construction readiness and lead piping war rooms
- Performs actual site line checks and verification as per approved isometric drawings if needed.
- Review and coordination of NDE and outstanding Inspection.
- Review and coordination of outstanding construction and track and address constraints
- Monitor, records and clearing of QC related punch items.
- Maintain working relationship between contractor and subcontractor
- Final release and sign of test packages.
- Witness air blowing, hydrotest, service test, pneumatic test and flushing.
- Develop and monitor the preparation of inspection packages documentation and drawings to ensure all ISO’s and key plans are available for the inspection package.
- Monitor Inspection Engineer to ensure inspection activities are progressing as planned. Report any major findings to QA/QC Manager promptly.
- Monitor and plan any re-inspection after blasting required at specific line/package and any follow up required for specific inspection package.
- Prepare and update progress of inspection activities and provide the status to relevant parties weekly.
- Review the all inspection reports are signed and included in the TPs

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