Job Details
Job Title: Lead Document Control Service Iraq Ratawi
Job Type: Contract
Job Description: 1. To adopt and demonstrate an exemplary behavior with regard to H3SE, to implement and control H3SE rules and requirements within his/ her area of responsibility.
2. To be informed of Company Specifications (GS’s/GR’s), GPI Iraq Project and Corporate procedures, etc. related to Documentation Management and their application to the Project.
3. To define, develop, implement and maintain a Documentation Management plan detailing the strategy adopted, the organization set-up as well as the means and tools defined accordingly.
4. To implement and maintain procedures, specifications, means and tools (among them New PRODOM) required to ensure an efficient management of all flows of documents during all the phases of the Project and in all project work locations.
5. To liaise with concerned Corporate Departments for the setting-up, implementation and maintenance of TOTAL EDMS (New PRODOM) within the Project.
6. To organize, supervise, control and support the Documentation section (several Document Controllers) in the performance of their duties all along the course of the Project.
7. To participate in the implementation of the Documentation Management system at Contractors’, setting-up and explaining rules and procedures, jointly with the assigned Document Controller and with the help of concerned Corporate Departments.
8. To participate, as necessary, to the Documentation Control and Management, including whenever needed:
- use New PRODOM for day-to-day activities such as: registration and integration of contractor-received documents, registration of transmittal sheets, definition and launch of review work-flows (maintenance of a distribution matrix for this), follow-up and expediting of reviewing process, compilation of commented document, preparation of transmittal sheets out and transmission back to contractor
. control the conformity of contractor-issued documents with regard to Project specifications and standards, using special tools for automatic control, commenting on the conformity of documents, and rejecting documents as necessary.
. training of personnel to procedures / specifications / tools
9. To perform constant analysis of produced documentation to check for compliance with Project standards regarding numbering, graphic charts, used symbols and all others aspect related to document quality.
10. To define, set-up, validate and maintain necessary means and tools for the timely preparation of the hand-over of documentation to Operations team.
11. To coordinate with GPI Iraq Affiliate (and other Departments as necessary) for the management of correspondence (mainly correspondence with Partners and Concessionaire)
12. As a general manner, to provide assistance to the whole Project team for all matters related to documentation management activities.
13. To report timely to the GPI Iraq / Project management highlighting any encountered area of concern.
14. To observe and impose strict confidentiality in the performance of the documentation management during the tendering phase and as a general manner all along the course of the Project.
15. To gather ‘lessons learnt’ wrt to Documentation Management matters and provide feedback to other TSE entities as required.
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