Job Details
Job Title: Senior EPC Contract Engineer
Job Type: Contract
Location: Paris
Company: Total Energies
Job Description: 1. To promote safety culture and sustainability within the project and his/her activities. Lead by exemplarity to have the team members and colleagues adhering and contributing.
2. To ensure a proper contractual and commercial administration of the awarded contract(s) is done including the following activities :
a. To liaise actively with relevant technical specialists for the technical management of Contractor(s).
b. To ensure that the contract tools and mechanisms are clear for the technical specialists.
c. To manage the process associated with contractual and commercial changes (changes orders) according to Change Order Procedure and Delegation of Authorities in force, coordinate requests for technical changes and follow-up related approval process.
d. To participate to Change orders meetings with Contractors and to build from ED a counterclaim dossier.
e. To verify the contractor’s progress in coordination with the Package Manager, Planning Engineer and Cost Controller. To work closely with the planning and cost engineer on re-forecasting the final cost estimate of the contract.
f. To ensure payment is in accordance with the claimed progress.
g. To monitor all Cost remuneration to Contractor and participate in the compilation of Milestone Payment Certificates and Contractor Invoices.
h. To participate to Weekly Meetings with Contractors and, in general, to all necessary meetings as requested. To be the scribe for all Package management MOM in order to ensure that wordings are contractually in favour of COMPANY.
i. To participate in the settlement of disputes together with legal, insurance and finance specialists.
j. Liaise with Head Quarter when necessary (legal, contracts, insurance).
3. To consolidate COs by packages and projects at Iraq GPI level
4. To participate in reducing contractual risks associated with interfaces with others packages and highlighting potential risks occurring during the execution of the contract.
5. As a general manner, to manage all contractual and commercial activities related to Contract(s) he is in charge of, up to close‐out, in the frame and with respect to procedural obligations as per Production Sharing Agreement, Decrees and Laws in force, Joint operating Agreement and in strict compliance of delegation of authorities and associated Contract and Procurement procedures.
6. To perform the close‐out of Contract(s) with respect to Iraq affiliate and Project procedures.
7. To participate in the preparation of the presentation to Iraq Affiliate Contract Committee and to participate to the decision process for contract attribution
8. Ensure the follow up of RTA approval
9. To represents Iraq GPI for contract matters toward Head Quarter’s Claim Committee
10. To participate to the settlement of dispute together with legal, insurance and finance specialists.

Qualification: Legal counsel, Engineer or Management School Professional
.- Professional Experience in Contract:15 years minimum
- Experience of contract: strong experience on reimbursable, remesurable and EPC contracts management
. Bi-lingual or at least very familiar with English and French languages.
Technical competencies required
- Oil and Gas Process and Construction Practices
- Contract
- Legal/Insurance/taxes
- EPC Mechanisms/Negotiation/Contractual wording
- English
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