Job Details
Job Type: Contract
Job Description: HSE
• To achieve and to make achieve to the personnel, contractors / subcontractors the HSE rules of Austral Total and of the Company.
• To achieve the goals and annual aims of the Project.
• To participate in HSE audits and visits to engineering sites.
• To ensure that the contractor prepares the design in accordance with Contract requirements and Company specifications.
• To anticipate problems in his field of activity, keep the management informed and propose mitigations, solution(s) and/or optimisation(s).
• To participate in any technical or coordination meeting necessary to fulfil the job responsibility.
• To communicate with the platform’s contractor’s team to solve day-to-day problems .
• To identify any deviation to the Contract requirements that may have impact on HSE, cost, planning or quality.
• To report regularly on engineering progress to his hierarchy, highlighting critical problems, drifts and malfunctions.
• To ensure that the contractor issue drawings and documents as requested in contract.
• To participate on and to follow up of approval cycle of documents and expediting
• To expedite answer of questions and technical queries by CPY Project Disciplines, taking into account the contractual environment.
• To assess any corrective measures the contractor intends to take in case of difficulties.
• To participate and follow up on technical bids evaluations of equipment/bulk materials to be purchased by Contractor.
• To organize PR’s and assist to PR teams.
• To participate in engineering and construction meetings.
• To be in charge of the coordination of interfaces among different Contractors (Fabrication, T&I, Pipeline).
• To lead regular meetings with the contractor to verify the status of interfaces.
• To ensure interfaces register is up to date and no answers are pending.
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